how can i remove beeInject virus? pls help

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how can i remove beeInject virus? pls help

windows detected VirTool:Win32/BeeInject virus. how can i remove the virus. please help! thank you.



i got a message from the action center that says, windows detect virtool:win32/beeinject virus and it gives a link in the message to remove virtool:win32/beeinject virus and it direct to windows free scanner.

i have done a full scan of the antivirus i have which is avast and its update is 'your system is secured' and no found threat. i tried to scan in windows defender also and it gives me the same result. no found threat.
i have tried the microsoft free scanner also and the same thing. no found threat.
i tried the malware free scan and it did a quick scan and found 10 files infected by malware. i clicked on clean infected files but since it was only a free scan only 5 were cleaned. i tried to download and install malware but it took long hours to finish.
so i installed the ad aware instead. after the installation it tells me to restart the computer. when it did it seems like its messed up. i cannot click icon on the desktop because the cursor remains busy just like something is downloading. and the browser keep on popping up even if i do not click on it and a new tab keep on opening. and it just keep doing it. when i close it just reopen by itself.
it was very stressful. so i just tried to do a system restore because before i started to scan with malware it prompted me to create a system restore just in case something goes wrong.
it did went back to normal. but the virus thing i do no think it has been resolved.
what should i do?
thank you for all the help.