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How can I stop valid users with home laptops from acquiring a netconnection

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with no DHCP server available. this may not be for everyone but for us it is manageable. I keep track of everything in a spreadsheet (I know archaic but effective and like i said for us its manageable) I also hide the SSID of my wireless just (and only) to avoid the questions of "can I have the password to the wireless....".

We are fairly lax security here so we also have an older ibook that is configured to access the network. Sometimes employees bring their kids in and they are allowed to use this.

Just a few thoughts. If I ever switched to DHCP I would probably do what charles suggested with DHCP/Mac Address binding.

Another note: I was easily able to justify canceling our Firewall Outsourcing and replacement of all firewalls which I can manage and have full admin access to (the old FW management company, while the were good at what they did, did not allow me access) for a one time cost cheaper than 1 year cost of outsourcing. the redundant fees for support is way down and overall 2 years and we will be on the plus side of cost savings.