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How do I COMPLETELY remove all spyware and set strongest security settings?

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ask you for your email password or allow you to login with an account from another site. Change EVERY internet logon password for every single application you use on the internet working one to the other without stopping, using strong passwords on each. Do not stop until you are done with any/all login sites that work in conjunction with each other. If you own a facebook account start there, then email. Remember that with access to one, this individual may easily acquire the others. All of the above should also include new challenge responses (security questions) from every site. Avoid using the default questions and opt to create your own when possible. This is going to continue to plague you until you follow virtually every procedure mentioned in every post so far and do it dogmatically. With your limited experience you might consider hiring someone who can come to your place and work with you to close all of these doors. Should you elect that route, the tech will probably work quicker and cost you less money if you simply explain to him what is going on and then allow him to do his job without distracting him, yet be within earshot at any point in time he may have a question.