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How do I COMPLETELY remove all spyware and set strongest security settings?

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Appart from securing the network internet access as mentioned already, my way of cleaning up malware or virus infestations is to remove all hard drives, Connect them one at a time to a trusted PC via usb adaptor, run anti malware anti root kit software available free from the web. Get someone else to download this software to the trusted pc - ie friends pc, or buy it on a cdrom, dont use your suspect pc to download.

You then run scans to fix the bugs on the suspect hard drives. I have found that root kits that have been integrated into your system files cannot be removed by running software of any kind on the infected system. The method I described found and removed the root kit that had hijacked my pc quickly and efficiently. Try the free Kaspersky TDSS Killer anti root kit program - and malwarebytes free scanner.

good luck.:)
ps it aint rocket science.