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How do I COMPLETELY remove all spyware and set strongest security settings?

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It appears as though this person has created and hidden administrative accounts on all of your devices and installed a keylogger, so it does not matter what you do, they will see and log everything you see and do on your computers. SO other that taking it to a forensic expert, which is what you could do, if you had the money and really wanted to find out who it is. It can be done. So here are my suggestions. It will be a little costly but doable.
1- You will need to purchase a USB drive at least 2TB.
2- You will need to run an application that will take an inventory of all your installed applications including the serial numbers on all your computers.
2- Turn off the internet. Disable your network card and wireless connections.
3- Make an image of you computer, using something like Ubuntu Live or any imaging software you can get.
4-Then copy over your personal files (pictures, music etc) . Once you have backed your personal files and have the serial numbers of your operating systems and applications, format the devices-
5-Wipe them clean and wipe them maybe 2 to three times to make sure.
Reinstall your operating system. Install antivirus and antispyware from reputable companies.
6-Reset the router to factory defaults- (**** away all the configs and accounts. Then log back in, and use a very strong password and encryption - NOT WEP!!! Use ( use a password that is not found in any dictionary in any language - mix of upper and lower cases, numbers and so forth)
7-Once that is secured, you can now connect your computer to the internet and update the antivirus and antispyware, scan the computer first. Then take if offline again.
8-Install all your applications- connect the USB drive and scan for virus and spyware before copying your files back onto your device.
After you have installed all the applications, create a regular user account and make sure your admin or root passwords are very complex. Log on with you regular non admin account and use it. Now create a brand new email address (gmail or whaterver you use.) You can contact each of your people one at a time form your new email address.
9- DO not access the old mails on your new computer. Instead get a UBUNTU live or any Linux live CD and boot fro this one when you access the old email. You should be safe from that person now. DO the same thing with your phone. It is hard to get your contacts back but you can export them and then reimport tnem into your new account.
If you see email from people you dont know or are not expecting email from just delete it. Don't click to see what it is or click links from emails that you are not sure about. Instead copy the whole thing and past it in notepad and read from there if you don't trust the source.
All the best.