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How do I COMPLETELY remove all spyware and set strongest security settings?

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"Unfortunately he wasn't as proficient with Mac as he previously stated to me and MAC "experts" swear it's impossible for me to have any virus or spyware."

impossible to have any spyware or viruses on a Mac? Well, in all honesty, I believe a statement like that simply lends more evidence in defining the difference between genius and stupidity. Genius has its limitations.

My friend it would appear that you are on the fast track in educating yourself about these things. Stay cool. Limit any direct conversation with this individual. Yet maintain vigilance in gleaning all you can about him. As rayman99 said, "It isnt Rocket Science" and indeed that is true. I wish you luck in a quick resolution.

Chances are, you are giving this guy far too much credit for skills or education. That is easy to do in the elementary stages of anything one deigns to learn. Keep us posted with your efforts. Commentary on your experiences is where the real meat is.