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How do I COMPLETELY remove all spyware and set strongest security settings?

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All the above have Good Suggestions!! There are Many aspects to the whole issue of Security for the Internet and the BEST I've Come across is "DON'T GO ON THE INTERNET" Yep I'm Not Kidding You!! The Practicle aspect of that statement is of course is Rediculous!! It's too valuable a Resource NOT TO GO ON! So Solution's to Defence while on the Internet are firstly to understand the ins and outs of what and How Hackers and Virus's, Keylogger's etc do!
There are many good article's at Techrepublic which offer advise and would suggest you read as many of them and follow the Links. This will help you understand (EG How a 15 year old spent 90 days on the Internet and Hacked 269 Companies) what your up against. You must then decide on a good Internet Security Anti-Virus Tool install it and do a FULL Scan of your System.
I Use Kaspesky Internet Security 2012 and recomend it!! It's harder to Use from an end User's point of view, BUT IT DOES THE JOB, so a little effort on the users Side is worth its weight in Gold. I also use the Windows Defender (Microsoft Security Essentials V4..0 is Latest) and MalwareBytes on Win 7 Pro as an added precaution. My Previous (Norton Anti-Virus Let me Down Badly!!).
Make Use of the Router FIREWALL and YOUR INTERNET SECURITY software's firewall!! Yep I combine the two of them and My SetUp Works well!! Check with your ISP Provider AND Manufacturer what Security features are provided with the equipment you have.. You may Need to Upgrade!! As for Some Idiot who actually rang me at home and tried to tell me they were from Window's (Not Microsoft) and that there was a problem with the firewall and ASKED ME WHAT FIREWALL I was using!! I told HER that I Didn't have a problem with my smoke detector's and that they all worked fine and didn't need a firewall! Also asked her What a FIREWALL was? She Hung Up! Unfortunately My Telecommunications Provider wasn't able to trace the caller in time!! BUT.. I leave that part for the moment, the point is you will need to have a good firewall!!
After a number of experiences (I've been in IT since 1968) I actually have a front end computer purely for the Internet Only! Only after some automated Scanning and antiVirus/Spam checking right down to RootKit level Checking do I Allow a connection and transfer only the Data Content I want!! Once Bitten Twice Shy!!!
The Front end Computer is a costly way and not practicle for many, But I Suggest that you never keep any personal information on your computer, shy away from Social Media Site's and be careful where you go on the internet!! Kaspersky and other's have site filtering and Kaspersky also has a way of checking downloaded file's. Also keep an eye open for Sites which divert you to another site! If you Place your mouse over a link it will show that link either in the bottem of your browser or a Balloon! If clicking on the link take's you to a site other than what was displayed, get out of the browser and offline as quickly as possible!!
Moral of the story is you have to be vigalent and very very wary!! As indicated above there are some out their that have nothing to do all day but try and steal information of your computer or worse still damage/corrupt your system to the point of no return!!
All in All it's your decision as to what and how you implement your internet security and there is NO magical fix to stop hackers or virus's! Maybe the legal system should attack the attackers and put cybercrime in it's place so that us genuine end users can get on with it!!
Last but NOT least, SELF Education and SPENDING SOME TIME RESEARCHING IT Security would help you make some informed decisions. A good starter would be to understand the Operating system that you use and find out what it's weakness's are and what it's strengths are as far as Security is Concerned! Then Check out a Good Internet Security System and Spend some Time learning about it!! Free Software can be good, BUT be caredul, you only get what you pay for!! Understand also the communications equipment you are using and it's strengths and weakness's!! Wireless is great, BUT.... Personally I won't touch it with a bar of soap!! ALL my stuff is wired!!
Bottom line is and without being rude, it sounds like you are in for a high learning curve!! To get you started though, suggest you download and install MalwareBytes and DO A FULL SCAN!! Next learn and implement as much security (Software and Hardware) as posible to meet your requirements!!! Don't believe everthing Sale's People, Manufacturers or even what's on the internet! Verify information from multiple sources!!