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How do I COMPLETELY remove all spyware and set strongest security settings?

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Hello PaperNpen
I have read your article and the responses. I do sympathise with you because I have 2 children who have been abducted 7 years ago. In 1998 the Abductor got me into computers , as a way to keep me at home and put all my records on electronic media I was also old school but I do not regret learning about Computers but that person does not use Computers themselves and let my kids get any electronic communication toys so they can not seek me I can not seek them. I can not call and write. I go to the place but the Yaqooza Qeisatsoo put me in detention.

But I know where they are. Anyway my Computer is under scrutiny by them and they copied my Time machine Disk and I found they were controlling and peeping into my Computer what ever I did trying to get my kids back ,they are actually living near me too. I became a Muslim 6 years ago because of this because only God can help to get my Kids back.

I do not care about security because there is no real security, all the others are telling you what to do but if you came on line the person already knows.

You have to be cunning and clever to trap the person into thinking that and you are doing so and so but yo are doing another thing and this and lead the person to you and then strike.

This is a physical thing not virtual, this person who is tracking ,stalking, hunting you seems to have worked or is working for the for the security police or blackmail or frame you use you something sometime somewhere we have done that is attracting that person.

They will always be one step ahead if they have the power,it might be someone or God that is trying to get you back to Paper and pen because Computers were a spy thing in the beginning and the US army opened up the internet to spy on the world!

Even the Teq republic is being watched to see if any enemies are plotting their defence.

Disclaimer I am not making any moral Judgements about you PaperNPen or that stalker we all have our privacy and only God knows and sees what is in our hearts.

I am not going to advise your on computer security because you should have gone to an Apple shop and or called and talked to them not show your problem online because the person knows what you are doing ,too late anyway.

We should have all stuck to our memories and not say anything but what is obvious and true.

All the best to you and your family pray to God for peace of mind do not listen to me are anyone else take all these comments with a pinch of salt follow your common sense and your heart.

The most threatening is what we all think and they are trying to know it and contain it.

This big Brother my Friends.