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How do I completely uninstall Snap Toolbar?

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First of all I would be very suspicious of any 3rd party tools for removing spyware other than major tools like ccleaner, malwarebytes, kaspersky, symantec etc. Many spyware apps actually masquerade as spyware removal tools.

Best thing to do is remove it manually. Here are some very general basic steps
1. Go under control panel panel-> programs and features remove the snaptool app.

The next steps you have to do, for every browser you have installed on your workstation:
2. In each browser go into browser settings and remove any plugins, or extensions that do not belong

3. Check your browser startup and remove any thing that looks suspicious

4. Check the settings for your browser's home page and remove every url that looks suspicious.

Once you complete the above for all your installed browsers ie, mozilla, chrome etc. You may attempt the following only if you have an understanding of the windows registry and are aware of the consequences of doing something wrong.

5. Search for snap and look for references to a url remove all the url references.