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How do I configure internet access on a SonicWALL Site-to-Site VPN?

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Do you want the remote site users going to the Internet over the VPN using the connection at the main site, or going outbound via the cable modem at their site?

I could be wrong but:

Assuming your VPN is all setup properly, then in order to get to the Internet, the remote clients need to have a route to/from BOTH the inside and the outside networks of the main site which may require some NAT, some split-tunneling, some 'hairpinning'

Thinking out loud, the issue may be either you need a static route from the external interface of the home office router to the internal interface of the remote router, or the issue is that the VPN policy/configuration is blocking this explicitly.

I am not familiar with SonicWall config, but I think the issue is more related to nat and routing than VPN. Can the remote clients get to local web servers at home site?