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How do I delete all bulleted texts in WORD 2003 via EDIT > REPLACE menu?

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Thank you for your answer. So, I proceed:
1. Copy all the comments in the blog
2. Open an excel sheet and paste the content into cell B1.
3. On the cell A1 till the last row with content, number the row in ascending order.
4. Sort column B in ascending or descending order.
5. Delete the rows with unwanted words such as : 0 Votes, Reply, Flag, Favorite etc.
6. Sort the table with the numbers in Column A in ascending order.
7. Delete the numbering column 1
8. Copy the table.
9. Paste into WORD. The content now appears in WORD as table.
10. Merge rows to get rid of lines underlining each row.

So, 10 steps are needed, not counting some 5 additional steps or more to delete in and tidying the excel sheet. And probably another 5 ??? 10 steps are needed to fix the commenters??? pics in WORD depending on how fuzzy you are.

As the saying goes: Perfect is the enemy of good.