How do I dowload (save) emaiI attachments from OWA using IE9?

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How do I dowload (save) emaiI attachments from OWA using IE9?

I have installed IE9 and have an iteresting new problem that was not present in IE8, Chrome 10 or Firefox. There appears to be a problem with downloading email attachments via Outlook Web Access running on Exchange Server 2007. I can read most documents as a Web-page, but if I try to save to my desktop I get a partial download of 0b and message file cannot be downloaded with a complex file name that bears no relation to the attachment name. The exception to reading as a web page is any PDF document with any form of security (a problem I have noted with Windows Phone 7 also).
The problem also occurs with MS Live / Skydrive - I cannot download documents directly to my desktop - In the case of MS Office Documents I get round this by opening in MS Office and Saving the faile to desktop from within the office app. But if I want to get access to PDF file (previously uploaded via IE8) I have to switch to Chrome10 to get a file from a MS Cloud supported environment - crazy or what?

Is this a MS IE9 issue or is there something in the default settings that can unfreeze this?

OS Vista Buisness 32 bit, IE9 version is latest 32 bit release (issued yesterday - although I had the same issue with IE9 RC - I assumed that MS would have spotted/fixed prior to full release). Firewall/Antivirus is Norton 360 that is fully up to date (turning this off makes no difference to performance described above)

Thanks for any help advice that anybody can give