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How do I get rid AVG Secure Search Remove on all new tabs in my IE?

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I don't have AVG and in the recent past I removed ALL search engines other than Google at v Manage Search Providers. And I look there and that list still only shows Google.
At Add/Remove the only AVG thing that I find is AVG Security Toolbar but when I click Change/Remove it pops Uninstaller Error - An error occurred while trying to remove AVG Security Toolbar. It may have already been uninstalled. Would you like to remove AVG Security Toolbar from the Add or Remove programs list? Yes No. I clicked Yes. I do remember in the last day or so seeing some new AVG toolbar on my IE and getting rid of it.
I probably got into this mess when someone had me us AVG PC Tuneup to fix a mess with my slow running tablet. My tablet is running better than ever with this help. So what should I do now to get rid of this still page that mysteriously loads for no apparent reason on every new tab? Will I need to install something from AVG at to fix this mess and then uninstall some stuff? Will it be free or will they want to charge me something? I don't see a cost on their site.