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How do I get rid AVG Secure Search Remove on all new tabs in my IE?

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I just got off the phone with the AVG tech desk. Here's the straight stuff.

I probably picked up my AVG when I updated GOM Media Player, as AVG seems to be packaged with the GOM Player.

The process took several tries and a lot of backing and filling. One of the things to try on your own is to go to and run the avgremover program at the top of the list. This may do it for you. It probably won't, but it's worth a try.

I strongly suggest you go to the AVG site, avg,com, and open a support ticket. You will be given a PIN number. Dial the AVG support number, 1-877-367-9933, and enter the PIN when you are told to.

You will get a tech person. Tell him or her exactly what you want to do and the two of you should be able to get rid of AVG.

The problem is that it doesn't show up in the Control Panel list of programs. I had to go to the Program Files (X86) folder to find AVG Secure Search. The time of last change coincided exactly with the time that I updated GOM.

The only file within the AVG folder was a thing named vprot, an application. The final piece of the puzzle was to go to task manager, look under Processes, find vprot and end it. Then I was able to delete the AVG Secure Search folder. This, and the things that the tech person and I flailed with, got rid of AVG. At least so far.

I hope this helps.