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How do I get rid AVG Secure Search Remove on all new tabs in my IE?

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I aquired this AVG mess after d/l a program from brothersoft. Every time I opened a browser (IE8) I got AVG search rather than my default (Google).

- First I removed AVG using Add/Remove Prog. The AVG page still remained.

- Using Manage Search Options I noticed that AVG was now my default so I removed the AVG option and made Google my default once more.

Despite this, every time I opened a new browser I still got AVG Search even though Google was my default and AVG was not even listed as a search provider.

I have just spent about a half hour with an AVG tech, who tried a number of options, like having me d/l an AVGRemover prog. all to no avail.

Finally he found the reason: AVG had made itself my homepage so THE SOLUTION was:

For me, it was similar to the post above - go to Tools > Internet Options, and under the Homepage Tab remove the AVG link and add your own homepage! Whoopee!