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How do I get rid AVG Secure Search Remove on all new tabs in my IE?

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Ok, I tried everything out there and nothing worked. This does, within Google Chrome...

(1) Go to the Wrench in the upper right corner.
(2) Go to Settings.
(3) In the On Startup section click on the little blue (set pages) and the end of the 3rd option.
(4) If AVG..... is listed there delete it by pressing the X.
(5) Close and restart Google Chrome.
(6) Enjoy the success.

I believe this should do the trick. Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I would uninstall everything associated with AVG from within the Control Panel as well as from within the Search (AVG) function. AVG Tech support will help you with this if you need further assistance I am quite sure and it's free. AVG's # is (855) 554-0131.