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How do I get rid AVG Secure Search Remove on all new tabs in my IE?

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I contact AVG, by chat 3 times and got nowhere, tried addons, about:config, Then I called them by telephone 45 minutes wasted, still got nowhere, finally i was sent an email after saying they lost me as a paying customer, the sure way to remove this problem is uninstall AVG, reboot, then reinstall, select custom install when prompted, click next slowly till you see 2 ticked boxes, 1 saying safe search and the other saying avg toolbar, un-tick both, and continue install. reboot, when computer is running again it will be gone from Internet explorer automatically, as for firefox, you have to uninstall that too and reboot, then reinstall in custom mode, selecting what you want, and reboot, That should be it as it worked for me. go to all updates and stop auto updates select ask me what to install on the computer. let me know if this worked for you. Pain in the *** big bro AVG for doing this.