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How do I install mac OS 9 on a pc

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Eddie, I'm afraid "You can't" isn't a snide answer.

The problem is that OS 9 was actually written for PowerPC processors not Intel it just won't run natively or in virtual on PC's.

As Rodney pointed out the best you could do with OS 9 is run it in an emulator like sheepshaver or Basilisk though looking at those solutions they have some limitations too. Sheepshaver only appears to be available for Linux or BeOS (people still have that?). Basilisk probably won't do the job at all as it only seems to be compatible with MacOS up to version 8.1.

Later versions of Mac OS X are different as they have been written to work on intel computers and so the Hackintosh or virtualisation routes may work for them.

Finally I must be a bit stuffy and point out that running a mac operating system on anything other than a mac *is* prohibited in the Apple end user license agreement so if you choose to do so it's your own responsibility.

Hope this is a more helpful answer.