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How does a web page consume resources?

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Thanks for your joining in. I use Firefox mainly. I use Internet Explorer only as a backup. Chrome is no good, it often crashes.

You have just reminded me about AdBlock and I've just gone to find it and install it. No joking, there is such a big variety and it is challenging to choose. I picked Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon 0.5 and hope it will do the best job.

I can see that we can enable or disable JavaScript but not other scripts. I am not too sure what other scripts you are referring to that I can filter them out.

I do not know where I can set the Firefox not to allow third party cookies.

I have the Flashblock installed, do you think I would have the flashes not downloaded at all or I would have them downloaded but not run until accepted by me.

What is a mashup? I am not too sure how one can have the system block certain types of calls by default.

Apart from security, I am also very conscious of the amount of data I upload and download because I have a limited quota. So I have downloaded and installed User Agent Switcher 0.7.3 and set it to iPhone 3.0 after one of you recommended. I have not seen the obvious difference yet.