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How does a web page consume resources?

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Thanks Col again.

Don't they always reload first from the cache within the local computer if the pages have recently been visited, then the local server if there is one before resorting to the source web server. I don't know how long the pages are kept in the cache, though.

If local cache is not used for efficiency, why would there be temporary Internet files. With Internet Explorer there are settings for temporary Internet files. It says Internet Explorer stores copies of webpages, images, and media for faster viewing later. One can set the Internet Explorer to check for newer versions of stored pages either every time the webpage is visited or every time the Internet Explorer is started. I am not too sure how "Automatically" works. I expect it would just do what I have supposed.

I use Firefox most of the time, I am not too sure where the settings like those of Internet Explorer are. I believe Firefox would be capable of doing the same in order to survive.

From choice of settings for the Internet Explorer, it seems to me that chances are the Internet Explorer would always fetch the pages locally from the cache. I suppose the competitors like Firefox would do the same.