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How does a web page consume resources?

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OH Smeg

The Temporary Internet Files are mostly Stored Cookies and the like not complete Web Pages though IE does Cache all of it's pages though I'm personally not sure just how effective this is.

As an experiment log into TR with IE and refresh the page. Time the time taken to complete the refresh. Then clear the Temp Internet Files and refresh the page again.

It takes the same time to reload the page but now you are not logged in to TR as the cookie which has your Log In Details has been deleted. In IE on Win 7 you get to the Temp Internet Files by left clicking on the Gear Wheel on the top right hand side of the screen beside the Favorites then clicking on Internet Options and when the next window opens click on the Settings Tab and wait for the next Window to Open then click on the View Files Tab. The Temp Internet Files Window will now open though if you have not changed the default settings to Show Hidden Files you may have some difficulty in viewing the files.

Probably the easiest way to view what is happening is to Open the Task Manager click on the Networking Tab and monitor the Actual Network Traffic. You can change the color of the traces from Green for All to Yellow for Incoming and Red for outgoing traffic so you have some idea of what is being sent and received.