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How does smoking disable a Laptop?

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Its been said but tar is sticky. I smoke a pipe but never in the home. I have had to service machines that were around smokers. One set of machines belonged to a group that smoked indoors in the US. The other belonged to a Japanese company. They kept the machine in a room reserved for smoking. In both cases both areas were very well ventilated. It. doesnt. matter. Tar gets sucked in by the machine (even though no one is blowing smoke into it), and stuck to the MB and internal components. Then dust gets stuck to the tar, then more tar to the dust, and by now youve got the idea.

One thing that no one has mentioned is that in addition to the possibility of frying the cooling capability of the machine (which will surely fry the rest of it in short order)... Is that all that "wet" dust stuck to electrical components can pose a short problem. Short the wrong contacts on a hot MB... and youve got a new doorstop.

Bottom line is, dont smoke around anything you dont want destroyed. That includes desktops, portables, and offspring.