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How does smoking disable a Laptop?

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How does smoking disable a Laptop?

It's a complex, highly technical answer, but essentially it's this:
At the factory, they seal "Magic Smoke" inside of all the chips in the computer. The "Magic Smoke" makes the chips work. If you do something to "Smoke" the laptop, and the "Magic Smoke" leaks out of the chips, they don't work any more. Once the laptop "smokes", it's in bad shape. ;-)

As far as cigarette/tobacco smoke goes, it's really nasty stuff. Take a puff and **** it through a cotton ball, and see how much gunk is there from just one puff. When the cooling fans suck it into the computer, it sticks to everything, then dust sticks to the smoke residue, then more smoke sticks to the dust, and so on. The buildup of residue blocks air flow and cooling, then things run hotter. It also gets into contacts and switches, making them less reliable. Sooner or later, there's enough gunk to cause major problems.

As for the warranty, since you've been through it "with a magnifying glass", maybe you could bring the agreement, ask for the store manager, and say "please show me where this warranty says that smoke isn't covered. If it's there, I can't find it, and if it's not excluded, I expect a replacement machine under the extended warranty you sold me. I was a smoker when you sold me the warranty, so in my house smoke is part of 'normal wear and tear'. If the warranty was already void because I smoke, why did you sell it to me?" You may not be successful, but it's worth a try. And if you look around for a sign or poster, or you can just ask, get the name of the District and Regional managers and escalate the complaint to them if the store manager doesn't help. And you could also write a letter to the company's home office in Arkansas.

Also, check the fine print in the warranty and see if it's actually an insurance policy against damage. In many states, that's really what it is, and you can contact your state's insurance regulators with your complaint, as well as the attorney general.