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How does smoking disable a Laptop?

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ronald, NEVER, EVER purchase a third party warranty on ANYTHING. I work with these computers daily and have a couple of points to express regarding all of this. Sams warranty service is absolute junk! I have never once heard of a single client getting them to honor their warranty on any system in my 7+ years in this business. Long story short, if it was old enough that you are beyond the point of being able to return it to Sams for a refund or exchange, you will get the same story in a different flavor. I know this to be true as I have repaired many of the computers they have sent back to the client with some ludicrous excuse as to why they will not repair it. Water damage is their favorite.
Aside from Sams sorry warranty service, this particular model of laptop is rife with problems even if it were operated solely within a "clean room" throughout its history.
While all of the posts thus far have their merit, I have my doubts here due to past experience. At any rate, it is still time to purchase another computer. I would not recommend HP either. However, no matter which manufacturer you elect to go with, if you desire extended warranty, get it from the manufacturer. I repeat do NOT purchase extended warranty from ANY retailer. Be it Sams, Best Buy, Office Depot, or any of the other infinite possibilities. In my experience regarding laptops and the customer service of the manufacturers, I would recommend Lenovo, or ASUS at this point in time. The preference changes with time. This preference assumes of course that you wish to remain with a Windows system.