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How does smoking disable a Laptop?

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While I do agree witht the postings here concerning the damage cigerette smoke can cause, the actual problem with this model HP dv6000 is NOT related to smoke and reduced cooling functions.
It is a well known and documented problem that on these and other HP laptops in the 'DV' series that what actually occurs is the GPU disconnects from the motherboard rendering the boot process impossible since the main board cannot detect any graphics display connected to it, either internal or external.
At one point in time HP extended the factory warrantee and was repalcing the motherboard for free. That has long since expired and HP will do nothing to repair these laptops for the user.
Since these grapics processors are wave soldered to the main board it is virtually impossible to re-solder them. There are successes and failures reported of an extremely risky process that involves super heating a spatula before pressing it down onto the GPU to heat it up enough to bond it back to the printed circuit board. I do not recommend this method but for anyone daring enough to try it I guess they have nothing to loose.
HP manufactured an entire series of JUNK. They did replace the defective motherboards during warrantee and even beyond by extending the replacement period SPECIFIC to this type start-up problem. What they should have done was to notify everyone who owned one and replaced them for FREE but they did not. HP will NOT help you with this problem now.
Your extended 3rd party warrantee people are dogging the bullet any way they can. Long and short your screwed! Dont even bother helping an attorney buy himself a new BMW or a sailboat, he'll end up being the only one who wins in this deal.