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How good are no-frills DVDs?

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and the cost has little to do with the quality. Generally, Verbatim is a good choice. So is Taiyo Yuden if you are purchasing say 100 or more. The URL posted by yourself isn't feeding you bad information by any means. That said, it isn't that they are claiming incompatible media and hardware. The claim is that many -yes, even most- brands of blank media available are just plain junk. And this is true. Here is a site that expounds on the subject a bit more. http://forums.adobe. com/thread/492540 . (Remove the space immediately preceeding "com" for the url to work) Scroll down to Posts 5, 7, 9 and 12, all posts by LordSmurf on that forum. My experiences -though not nearly so technical as his- mirror what he has to say about the subject. I am a firm believer in imgburn as well. I trust it and nothing else when burning any optical media. Most of the packages offered along with most manufactured computers have proven to be problematic to me. Nero, Roxio, etc. Use Imgburn, set the burn speed to 1x and imgburn will automatically correct the speed to the native burn speed of the disc being burned. So foot the cost of Verbatim or buy Taiyo Yuden in bulk. Incidentally, its worthy of note that TY -a relative newcomer in the blank media industry made its name in its quality. You will rarely see an advertisement from them. Yet, they are well known for their product. Almost as well known for quality as Ritek is for junk.