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How good are no-frills DVDs?

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In my experience, burning mostly Operating System discs and movies, I have encountered bunk blanks from just about everywhere at one time or another. That is until I read up a bit and found a brand/vendor I like and since have had absolutely no problems whatsoever.

I buy CD and DVD media in 100 disc spools. Having a shop I go through them like shop towels in an automotive mechanic shop. I have found the Taiyo Yuden brand to be very dependable and relatively inexpensive. At, I usually pick up the DVDs at less than .25 cents apiece shipping and all. It does fluctuate a little bit at times.
A quick synopsis of the points made by LordSmurf in the forum earlier referred to is that DVD+R media production is overseen by a group that keeps the format up to a given standard especially where Video is concerned. As this forum deals with producers of video, this would be particularly advantageous to them. Long story short, you are likely much better off simply purchasing the +R for all around general purpose usage. As far as my experiences go, I usually purchase the TY -R and have never had a problem with them. Then too I do not produce video. Merely record it and encode it.

On the matter of the URL thing in this particular forum, (and others also) many forums block posting of URLS. The blanks simply fool the software that detects, parses and flags them.