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How good are no-frills DVDs?

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OH Smeg

The Dye Lot actually is the color of the Data Side of the Blank DVD.

These vary from some form of Blue to Silver as the main ones but there are other colors and the color even within the Blue Dyes are very different from each other. With most NB's DVD Burners they like only some of the available Dies or Blanks so I tend to use Sony, TDK or Verbatim Blanks in NB Drives but as I buy them by the thousand wholesale I'm most defiantly not the average user.

Granted I prefer Desktop Drives to burn things in but when Push comes to Shove I'll use one of the NB's that I need to carry about if there is nothing else available. The last DVD that I burnt was a TDK that I bought after the Daughters Wedding and copied the pictures out of several cameras to a Disc than copied it 6 or so times for various guests. That went well without any incident but I've also used the Aldi Blanks over the years with success as well.

When it comes to brands I've seen some very expensive ones really play up with 8 different Drives over 5 different computers and I've used some cheap nasty Blanks over the years as well without problem.