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How good are no-frills DVDs?

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OH Smeg

It can be a bit of Trial and Error particularly with NB Burners as they don't seem to be as forgiving as a Desktop Burner.

Then to make matters worse the House Brand Blanks may not continue to be supplied by the same maker. You can get the position where a Buyer switches suppliers but the end product continues to be in the same packaging so it's not really a definitive reference.

You need to understand that DVD Blanks are just a plastic Disc with the coatings literally painted onto the Disc. The Data Side instead of being protected by a layer of Plastic like it is on a Manufactured Disc is directly exposed to the air and the Dye changes color depending if it is a 1 or a 0 and the light is reflected or not accordingly.

As the Dye is directly exposed to the air it is more subject to contaminates that can be chemical in nature like Fly Spray getting onto the Blanks while the room is being sprayed or Air Freshener. Both of those can react with the Dyes and cause problems.