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how i will do my hard disk another drive recover data without format?

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You need data recovery software. One of the better free ones is called TestDisk (although this is a bit hard for a novice to navigate). GetDataBack, SpinRite, O&O, and EasyRecovery are some others to look at.

Step 1 is to run one of these tools and point it to the drive. I'd probably start with GetDataBack because it is simple. If that can't recover anything (which it may not be able to since the structure/master file table on doesn't appear to be in-tact) then try EasyRecovery and choose a raw recovery.

Once you've recovered what you can, run a thorough chkdsk on drive D:. This may in fact fix the drive (meaning you don't need the recovered files after all). Even if it does fix the issue, check the summary lines for Bad Sectors. If this is anything other than 0KB then you have a physically bad hard drive and it needs to be replaced with a new one (otherwise the data on C:, and E: will all be at risk).