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How is it that I am?

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How I am not is unavailable. There is no "field". There are no "patterns".

If I insist to think at my outset with only two possibilities -- being and/or not -- I do so with tools of being. Tools of nonbeing, i.e., your "patterns", are unavailable to me.

Being is it.

Which goes to your question, "how did I come to be?" Hark to how I put Totality: there being no outside, I can't "come" to it.

These considerations are, you might say, initial conditions to my thinking. Unless my thinking is substandard, the conditions of totality also constrain your thinking. More pointedly, they constrain speech.

Not in your case, though. And not in the case of so many others here who broach the matter with certainty that is not, theists and atheists alike.

No thumb for you.