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How might I momentarily 'disable UAC' in Win7 64bit?

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Hi hippiekarl,
Windows versions since XP are GUI-concentric in that nothing runs without the GUI. Unlike versions previous to these that could run -in varying degrees- minus the GUI. Even the CLI interface runs within a Windowed shell.

That said, there are a multitude of advanced user options available via the CLI to effect tweaks to the OS that are not available within the GUI. I make no claim of expertise in implementing most of these myself as they often require a bit of coding or scripting skill. An area I remain challenged in BTW. :)

Is there any possibility you could provide more details regarding your objective and the avenues you have taken thus far to achieve them? I ascribe generally to the "there must be a way" train of thought in this field and enjoy challenges such as these in implementing them. While my skills are far from advanced in that area, it brings out what is best about these forums. The collective synergy of the minds within them.

Waiting to see what one of my TR heroes has to say about this. Enter OH Smeg. :)