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How might I momentarily 'disable UAC' in Win7 64bit?

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I did a search of TR articles on disabling UAC (of course they were 4 years old, for Vista), and, assuming Vista's congruence w/7, I logged on as Admin. Before I could even start the registry workaround, I noticed the little 'admin-shield' in the program's shortcut. Clicked it....and my software update finally did its installation. Ta-da! Thanks go to Schultz and Detweiller, plus SmartAceWOLF for his initial interest in my dilemma. BTW, the TR Dojo 2011 blooper-reel, I discovered, is attached to the end of--apparantly--ALL his archived videos (the one I watched was from 2009, I think, but it ran the out-takes after the credits).