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How might I momentarily 'disable UAC' in Win7 64bit?

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Yep; I was hoping for OH Smeg/HAL 9000 or wizard57m (both of whom are Q/A stars) to have an answer. I've been playing poker at CardPlayerPoker for some months (it's organized in a fashion deeemed 'legal' in the US; no real-$ accounts, etc), and 2 weeks ago they revamped/expanded their software. The download/install doesn't complete, and a window prompts me to 'temporarily disable GUI' for the install, and then turn it back on. This led me to assume that it was a simple process that thousands of users (with recent Windows machines) should be able to do. I haven't figured out how, though, and I thought I'd ask my friends here at TR before I tried to bug Card Player Magazine (their parent operation) about it. Maybe they meant 'active desktop' or firewall, but they said 'GUI' (I thought that was 'graphic user interface', and don't understand why it would need disabling to complete an install). Thanks for your interest, meanwhile, and I hope someone here can help shed more light on my issue.