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How might I momentarily 'disable UAC' in Win7 64bit?

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OH Smeg

And here I remember speaking to one of the Vista Developers saying that something like the Root Access Prompt in Unix/Linux would be a great idea to prevent users accidentally installing something.

Of course they messed that up so badly that I've only ever touched 1 system with Vista on it after I did my initial testing and as yet no Business Machines running 7.

I have a 64 Bit Version of 7 dual booting on this machine and other than semi-regular AV Updates I don't use it all that much. I have 1 customer a Surgeon who uses 7 and I only ever really boot into it when he has a problem.

As he Blackmails me with a scalpel after making a incision and then hits me to do computer repairs I tend to do as he asks as I've yet to find a way to say no under those conditions.

See Skin Cancer really are a Mental Health Hazard. :^0