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How might I momentarily 'disable UAC' in Win7 64bit?

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Sorry, WOLF; it bespoke my impending senility---not yours (this time)! I was obligated to edit my initial question once I 'Ah-ha'-ed my mistake, but it still read 'GUI' in my first response (so we could all see I was the idiot; not you). As there's probably more to talk about on the underlying issue (MS's decision to try annoying users into somehow affecting vendors' code-quality, and how it's turned out), I'll try taking a poll at the ol' Water Cooler....PurpleSkys seems to already advise 'turn it off; leave it off'. I think I've even been asked by my own Win7 machine whether I 'trusted Microsoft Corporation to make changes to my system'....Perhaps they're too jaded to trust themselves, and aren't certain whether I should, either.....