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How often do you reformat your personal computer?

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because it's a > 60 hour job

and i only do it when absolutely necessary,
which is usually
- when something breaks badly and can't be repaired simply by restoring the image
- new machines to get rid of the bloat- crap- sponsor-ware

also I use a locked up & screwed down configuration that disables as much of the unnecessary crap I don't use
- all user files separated from C:\ which is for OS / Programs only
- recycle bin = disabled / off via config. and group policy
- system restore = disabled / off ^
- user tracking = disabled / off

which in turn means that a 7 year old install of XP is still performing nearly as good as it did new
and most of the slowdown comes from the AV updates requiring more hardware
and not general usage bloat
eg. McAfee VSE 8.5 doesn't use as much resources as VSE 8.7 does
VSE 8.7 brings a P4 down to a crawl on certain tasks because VSE 8.7 has more components running @ "Process Priority High" than the previous versions

my 2007 XP install on a Core2Duo is just as fast as it was out of the box
with the only slowdown occurring at boot time (approx. 2+ minutes for boot)
whereas a fresh install would boot in less than 30 seconds

however, app performance including opening is the same as day one
eg. Firefox opens in about 3 seconds

mind you, Firefox is configured to store nothing:
- no browsing history
- no DL history
- no cookies