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How to 100% format all my drives?

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OH Smeg

http://www.dban .org/download
remember to remove the space from between dban and the .org for a working link.

After you make a Optical Disc from it you can wipe each and every drive though you should be warned you can only do one HDD at a time and depending on the size of the Drive it may take a long time to wipe the drive. This is the only way to be certain that you have Killed the Infection/s as it writes to every sector of the HDD several times with zero's overwriting anything at all on the drive.

After you have finished wiping all of the HDD/s in your system you can use GParted to Format the drives as you require

http://gparted.sourceforge .net/download.php
remember the space thing here too

Or you can use the Windows Install Disc to make the Partitions though with this you may not have the necessary control if you want several complex partitions on a HDD.