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How to Clone a single application

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Now days there are many BIG applications that can be cloned... BUT you have to obtain them as a PORTABLE VERSION. If you install those they only use the directories directly under them...
THUS you can most likely run them on someone else's Microsoft Computer provided that the software says it will work for XP, 2000, VISTA, 7, etc...

FIREFOX is one BIG WEB BROWSER that comes as a PORTABLE application.

Some BIG software that you buy if you go to the developer's [COMPANY] web site you might be able to obtain that in the PORTABLE version than take the DEFAULT one time only install version.
IF you do not mind getting some form of software that might be a little OLD then you could try OLDAPPS.COM and search [browse] for something that you might like...
SOME software companies might have had a few yrs ago had a OLD [portable] APPLICATION bit do not offer that feature any more and you might get something that you like better there... OR one that used to be FREEWARE but now are charging you some $$ to have it on your computer...