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how to crack crack bios passworrd

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The BIOS password exists as only a first line of security to a system. In my experience the best use of the password itself is to protect the BIOS from unauthorised changes. This will stop people from booting from a CD/DVD and recovering data via third-party software. However, as you no-doubt are aware, in order to remove the password to make your changes in the first place, you need to understand the concept of how to jump the CMOS (or at least remove its power source) in order to resort back to its default settings.

If your concern is the obtaining of information through theft or the previous owner re-selling a computer without removing personal or professional information, then we are talking about something completely different. But in that event, other security measures should have been in place to prevent that data falling into the wrong hands inthe first place such as encryption or passwords either at the logon accounts or the file level.

I'm afraid your answer to me looks very much like an attempt to pass the buck onto someone else to resolve. I can't see how a simple phonecall to a helpdesk can verify ownership of an item of equipment.

And besides, how is asking a member of TechRepublic for the answer so different to obtaining the user handbook and reading the answer for yourself?

And one more thing: Questions about recovering document-protected passwords have been handled on TR, and answered! Maybe you are someone working for the vendor in question and are looking to create extra revenue for them in times of financial hardship?