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how to crack crack bios passworrd

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That is the code my team set up in the olden days of Windows 98 and NT 4.0 sp4 to mean all hope was lost. we had a system that was the system from heck. I had a list of issues and possible fixes, and the 9th fix on the list was to be used when all hope was lost.

Fix #9 -- Remove case, **** out any fuzz. Obtain large mallet, and repeatedly and forcefully apply mallet to any all components inside the server. Repeat until all parts are in at least 2 pieces. Put case back on and attempt to poser up server. If it powers up, repeat. If it will not power up, go home.

So from them on if there was a hopeless situation, we invoked fix #9. Occasionally, we threated to use it on users as well.