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how to crack crack bios passworrd

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The Scummy One

there are several types of BIOS passwords, there are the cmos PW to protect the cmos, the boot PW to keep the system from booting, and even on newer systems a HDD password wich will destroy the data on the HDD and trash the drive.
In this case, the nc6220 PW reset requires a code from HP. Now why would HP go through this kind of trouble if it was not for security of the data on the notebook? Is it because notebooks have been a high target for theft, and data seems to be a large goal behind the thefts?
Why are HDD manufacturers designing HDD's to self destruct if the HDD password is set, and it is tampered with?
I think you are deluding yourself into believing that this is not real security, however, I think the majority here would disagree with you