How to create a multitasking batch file?

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How to create a multitasking batch file?

I am in the process of creating a batch file (using a .bat file in Notepad, Windows XP) that executes a number of different requests:

1)Create a directory that first prompts for the current month. If the folder doesnt already exist then it creates a new folder and names it the current month.

2) Create a subdirectory in the current month folder just made or not, that prompts the user for yesterdays date and names it yesterdays date.
(these two steps should result in a folder named yesterdays date within a current month folder)

3)Delete files from an existing directory that have no specific file type.

4) Move certain files beginning with "CH07" into an existing directory

5)Run a .cmd file

6)Pause (so the user can print results) and possibly continue with the hit of any key

The rest of the batch file I can handle.

If you have a suggestions for any of the numbers above please feel free to answer.
Your help is greatly needed and appreciated!
Thanks in advance!