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How to deal: hiring Sr level on your post after a denied promotion request?

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Adrian Watts
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There is no reason why you cannot apply but it looks like if you did you would certainly be 'unsuitable' for the job. It is not about whether you can do this new job but how they would replace you in your current one, and if you are currently doing the work of three people then there is a high probability replacing you would require two people. I am afraid your options are limited. Are you certain you can do the Snr Analyst job, time to be candid about your abilities, discuss it with someone who knows your abilities. Is it possible your boss is just trying to be kind (unlikely given the response but it does need to be considered.
You will need to weigh your options carefully. A lot depends on the personality of your boss, or even his boss. Be prepared to burn briges if you go over your bosses head. A lot depends on how your department/company works and i doubt anyone can give completely accurate advice without a lot more information about the company, your country, etc, etc, etc. Is there anyone you can talk to who knows more?

Broadly speaking your options include (NOT in order or all options).

Insist on applying, you probably will not get it but at least you may be thought of next time. Slight risk with this but at worst you get confirmation if the reason you do not get it smells funny that they just do not want you as a senior analyst or the future need of finding your replacement(s).

Bluff that you will have to consider changing employers in order to continue your career, but be prepared to have it called in this economy.

Quit. (Really unlikely you are ever going to get promotion from your current job.) But be sure to get a new job before quitting. But if you are certain you are going to quit it can make you feel better just knowing there is an end, and you can ease back a bit. Just don't tell them what you really think when you leave as you do not want to risk it getting to your new employer.

Start working out how to modify your job so next time you can be spared from your current position. This is your best bet long term at this employer but it is also risky. Letting things slip a bit and eventually they may be forced to hire an assistant, but they may think you are slipping so be prepared to show documentation that you really did not have time to do that job. While things are working they will definitely not spend money to make your life easier.

I'd say good luck but it looks like you are about to live in interesting times.