How to enter in to S/W testing job.

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How to enter in to S/W testing job.


I am writing from Hyderabad. I would like to know how to start the career in Software Testing side. I have completed my Post Graduation Diploma in Information Technology and Management(PGDITM) from AIMA (All India Management Institution) New Delhi. Graduation level I have done Bachlor of Commerce. Now I am working in one of the BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) company since from 2 years. I started working in BPO since from my last semister and continueing it till date. However, I never applied for any other jobs from such a long time and now I have completed my Software Testing tools classes last month and planning to go for a Software side job. Following are the questions from my side:

1) Can I move to Software side in testing. Can i expect any career growth in that job. As I am currently working in BPO am I eligible for switching to S/W testing side.

2) If I am eligible how can I proceed in applying for the positions as all the companies are requesting for atleast 3 years experience. So am unable to understand how to start up.
3) I do have many friends who are suggesting me in preparing resumes but everyone are giving different suggestions and I have already edited my resume 20 times now totally in confusion state which one to be followed.
4) Also I am planning to do Live Project in Automated Testing tool as one of the institute is offering it. Is that helpful for me if I go for it.
5) Are there any companies who give oppertunities in doing project for them as a new tester. Or do they give any job oppertunities to new starters.

Please suggest me some ideas as I am really interested in going for S/W testing job. I hope you will give me possible suggestions in preparing my resume and applying for the job. I will be eagerly waiting for the positive response.