How to fix frozen Grub menu

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How to fix frozen Grub menu

Grub Menu freeze
In updating Win XP SP2 with a MS fix, my laptop got really fixed. It blew my windows setup as well as Ubuntu 9.04. I formated the entire Hard drive and started over. Installed Win XP SP2 - worked fine. Installed Ubuntu 9.10 (figured might as well do a clean install). Grub would not allow me to select anything except the first line. I changed the boot order and it would only allow what was selected as the default. If I tried to select another operating system (even the memtest) it would just lock-up. I have since then re-installed another instance of Ubuntu 9.10 with the same results. Win Xp is on a NTSF file system and Ubuntu is on the Linux file system.

What I am curious about is how to get rid of the second install of ubuntu and extend the partition of the first install and how to fix the Grub to allow me to select the operating system I wish to load.

It will not allow me to boot the Windows CD to reinstall Windows. Grub takes over even if I try to boot from the CD.

Any help would be appreciated.