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How to get back the wedding pictures?

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OH Smeg

If they are IMPORTANT and must be recovered at all costs packup the Thumb Drive and send it to a Specialist Data Recovery Service and pay them to recover what they can off the Thumb Drive.

If it would be Nice to recover the pictures you can attack the drive with some Data Recovery Software and attempt to recover the Data off it. There are many available and while the better ones cost you there are still numerous available that are free to use like Recurva from Piriform available here

http://www.piriform .com/recuva
remember to remove the space from between piriform and the .com for a working link.

If you chose to attempt a Recovery you need to remember that the more that you unsuccessfully mess with the thing the less likely you are to have a full recovery when you attempt to pay a Professional to recover your pictures and the more it is likely to cost so if you simply must recover the pictures stump up and pay the professional as it will be more likely to be possible.

Of course you could always ask your sister does she have the pictures and get copies from her which would cost nothing.

For future use Flash Drives are not Permanent storage and should be treated as such, you should never rely on them for anything Important that you do not have copies of already.

Also there are only 2 types of computer users those who have lost all of their data and those who are going to loose all of their data. So it's best to work with the idea that whatever you are using is going to fail when you need it and act accordingly.