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How to get back the wedding pictures?

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One I would add is to try accessing the drive from a Linux LiveCD environment. I have occasionally encountered drives that won't recognize on a Windows machine after being unplugged without "Safely Removing" them first. Usually I am able to read them from a Linux environment and then copy data off of it and reformat to make it work again.

Hit or miss but it depends on what the cause of the problem is.

Ultimately, as Col said, if it is something which would be "nice" to recover you can attempt it yourself. If it is essential to recover the data then you need to get it in the hands of a professional immediately without attempting any further actions which may cause the data to become lost forever.

For backups I use a 321 rule for important data. Data stored in three different places, on at least 2 different media types, and at least one of them offsite.