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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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if the hp pro book is school property, then it is setup in such a way to keep it from being modified, corrupted and possibly infected.

also, since it is not illegal for you to try to circumvent the security protocols, it would be illegal if you actually did circumvent the protocols and then installed software that the school has no permission to use. this could cause the school to be sued by the software makers. (you should read those agreements that we all click and accept during software installation in order to know more about what rights are given up in return for using their software, like personal information, tracking, location, ip address, etc...)

in any case, with regards to other people having been able to circumvent the security protocols that protect the registry hive and file system from being modified, there are a lot of possible methods.

but since you are being honest about it and asking us for instructions, you should let the network people at your school know what you need and if its beneficial towards your studies, then they may relax your user privileges to install that program.