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How To Get Past my School's Admin?

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Your best choice is to use portable software on the laptop and buy / get given /get for a birthday a desktop to play games on. Most laptops game badly and this one is set up for the functions that are required by the school and you should respect that. Gaming computers do not need to be expensive atm a recent article in PC Format in the UK there was no real difference between a ??300 pc and a ??3000 in use in games, although I cannot find it on-line in a brief search. Ask the admin to install any software you need. Some software does install into non protected areas which can work depending how the machine is locked down. I would just have a data stick with portable versions of the software that you want to use. Alternatively try and boot from a data stick with Linux on. Linux would be a good learning environment, although if you use a live version rather than installing it on the data stick it may lose changes.

All in all I would just use portable software and play Popcap/other online games.